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Corporate | Master School of Bartending | BTIA Corporation

Wine and Cheese

Pierrick Lhotellier from the École des Maîtres has designed this course for wine lovers who wish to deepen their knowledge and explore the wonderful world of cheese. With special attention to product quality, wines and cheeses have been carefully selected for your tasting pleasure and the discovery of their subtle pairings. Imagine recreating an evening of great wines and cheeses for the enjoyment of your guests. A superior learning experience which is deliciously fun!

Wine Tasting Class

Translating feelings into words can be difficult for a wine lover. An aromatic nose, a deep hue, a mineral finish … We offer a three-hour seminar that will allow you to describe and talk about the wine, providing details about the production area, the vineyard, the principal grape varieties and the winemaking techniques … We could not introduce you to the art of wine tasting, without covering basic principles of wine and food pairings, a marriage made in heaven. Your tasting roadmap will include a journey into the heart of the world of wine, with stops at five surprising wines chosen by our team of specialists.

Classic Cocktails

Want to get more familiar with various facets of the art of cocktail? Here is the obvious choice over … Ingredients fundamental to trendy cocktails? You will develop your style and impress your guests! Each participant will have the opportunity to prepare several cocktails during the course. Discover the basic techniques and the tips you need to prepare cocktails. Expect to have fun while learning because our instructor Ronnie Laliberté has a reputation as a passionate contagious! Come on in and let’s make some drinks!

Whisky, Bourbon and Scotch

Bourbon…Whisky … Scotch … … these evocative words transport us to France, Scotland, Ireland, England … This introduction opens the doors of the prestigious world of spirits. You will be introduced to the art of tasting that allows you to develop your senses and enjoy more spirits. A team event full of culture and fun under the attention of Ronnie Laliberté!  A trip in to the heart of vineyards that produce these great spirits…

Beers and Cheeses

Beer and cheese you said? This association offers unique pleasures during the tasting. You will understand the reasons behind this new craze that has been around a long time in Belgium. We will help you discover the ingredients and brewing techniques. In addition, you will understand the difference between blondes, brunettes and redheads and more! Enjoy five beers and five cheeses and learn how beer is used when developing recipes. This course is ideal for people who love beer and want to expand their knowledge about it. A course not to be missed! (Duration of course 3-hr costs $ 59.)